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Our dedicated and skilled staff develops and delivers a diverse programme of activities to support all our members in achieving their individual goals. Our members enjoy programmes that support their wellbeing, independence and opportunities to learn skills that focus on employment. We encourage members to support their local community by volunteering and helping to tackle environmental issues. We aim to improve our members' confidence and self-esteem so they are empowered to consider options, make choices and be in control of their lives.

Millfleet Programmes include:

Life Skills
Art and Crafts
Funky Furniture – Upcycling
Recycling and the Environment
Communicate with Music
Independent Living Skills
Foot Golf

Out and About
Independent Travel Training
Community Group
Funky Gift Shop



All of our activities are planned to enable members to become more independent. We have had success in supporting members to travel independently, access voluntary positions, and one member is now in paid employment. Our Millfleet premises have two kitchens and a small flat where members can practice independent living skills. We are situated near the town centre and bus station enabling members to access the community and travel locally or to places of interest further afield in Norfolk.


Sensory Areas

Forward offers several sensory areas for members to use if they would like to. Our sensory room contains specialised equipment that supports many different needs ranging from relaxation to communication. They can be places of comfort and calm or stimulation. Some of our members choose to use this space on arrival at the centre to chill out; this can support their transition into group activities and enable them to be more receptive to learning. We recently purchased the Magic Carpet - this piece of equipment is very enjoyable and can project different interactive scenes onto the floor or a table top. Magic carpet is especially useful for increasing participants attention span and hand eye coordination. It can also be used to support learning activities and turn taking. 


Sound-beam Room

The Sound-beam room is a sensory area where members can interact with each other through the creation of music. The beams are triggered by movement and can be programmed to trigger a variety of sounds, from rock guitar to space craft noises, enabling members to play music or make up stories using special effects. The beams can be adapted for adults with limited movement. The room also benefits from a voice processor. All equipment is designed to support communication, creativity, and turn-taking. It helps reduce challenging behaviour, but it’s also really good fun.


Studio One

Studio One is currently used for Funky Furniture recycling and upcycling, as well as a range of arts and crafts activities. The front of Studio One features our new Funky Gift Shop. Our members use Studio One to hold their regular Forum meetings, during which they can raise various issues, propose new activities, and influence the direction of Forward.

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