Work experience for our members

Can your business provide a job, work experience, training, or voluntary opportunities for adults with learning disabilities and autism?

Latest figures show that people with disabilities (aged 16-64) have an unemployment rate of 8.8%. In comparison, the unemployment rate for people without disabilities is 3.4%. At Forward we aim to reduce the disability employment gap and improve the employment prospects for adults with learning disabilities and autism.

Forward's Employment Pathway programme

We want our members to be more included in the society, independent, and in control of their lives. That’s why we created an Employment Pathway, which supports our members in developing and improving their work skills. E-Zone provides various opportunities for our members to experience a real working environment, for example through the woodwork and arts and crafts programmes. We also encourage our members to regularly volunteer in the local area and work on our community allotments to expand their skill sets and interests. One of our members is now employed.

Find out more

If you’re an employer, you could enable one of our members to gain knowledge and confidence as well as improve their skills in a real-life work environment. You could enhance someone’s opportunity for a full-time employment in the future.

To find out more, please contact our Millfleet office:
- Phone number: 01553 776910
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