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At Forward You Get Choice!

As adults, it is very important that we make decisions for ourselves. That is why we let our members choose what they want to do. If they don’t like something, they don’t have to do it! We will happily let them do something else. To find our more click the link bellow

Messages we loved

Parent - ‘I can’t thank you guys enough for the grounding and confidence you gave him and for enabling him to take the step forward…’ into independent living.

Member ‘ I love it here, everyone is really nice!’

Staff - ‘I love working here, it’s such a friendly atmosphere. I don’t know what I would do If I wasn’t helping out at Forward!’

Below are a few of the letters, phone calls, emails and conversation we get thanking us for doing such a good job. We thought that it would be rude not to share them!

Forward encourages members with their independent living skills and independent thinking.  Gradually members make more choices and decisions for themselves and become less reliant on others doing things for them. This can include banking, making appointments, thinking of others, time management or even how to undo your packed lunch.  We are pleased to say that members move on from our service, often into supported or independent living.  

A member enjoying a game of Pool

Learning to make Curry

Independent Living