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Built in 1849, next to the Kings Lynn library, the Old School House is a building with character and history. The courtyard overlooks the park and the town centre is on our doorstep.  More recently the building was converted for use as a social club.  It was vacant for a while until Forward began leasing it in April 2009. In 2012 Forward bought the premises and now members and staff are collectively shaping its use for the future.


The friendly atmosphere puts people at ease. In the morning members arrive, socialise and within a short while the building gradually empties as most individuals depart into community activities. New members soon make friends; start gaining confidence and progress in their own chosen areas. All of Forwards buildings are accessible with access toilets and adaptable spaces; there are also quiet areas so people can work independently if they want to. Buildings are being developed with sensory adjustments to support all members reaching their potential.

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